Welcome to DUSTUP

DustUp is a technology platform that connects livestock producers to livestock consumers in an interactive ecosystem to transform the current livestock marketing model that has been used for generations. We empower ranchers by putting animal marketing back into their hands.

Simple Marketplace Platform

orders routed and matched based on
user preferences

Animal-Level Data

smartphone app allows for collection of
biometric information

Payment Gateway

transact and clear payments electronically

Logistics API

schedule and confirm freight with app

Extraordinary Features

Our aim is to change how protein is produced, marketed, and
purchased along the global food value chain.

User Profiles & Reviews

Get to know and trust your counterparties through detailed profiles and confirmed reviews.

Easily Collect Livestock Data

Your smartphone or tablet will allow you to gather info about your herd.

Trade in an Intuitive Interface

Buying and selling livestock has never been this effortless.

Actionable Alerts

Receive auction and herd notifications on your mobile devices.

Buyer Benefits

For you, time is money, and the number of auction barns is overwhelming. The DustUp platform is perfect for you especially when you’re looking to procure the right set of animals and need verifiable data and freight support.

Seller Benefits

With an enhanced auction and trading application that’s easy and intuitive to use, you’ll now have the ability to market your animals to a wider audience while also carving back some of your margins.


our founder

Erik Cooper

Founder and CEO


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We are looking for qualified engineers and technicians who are passionate about
changing the world. If you'd like to join the DustUp team, please e-mail us at



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